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To pick up keys FOR VACANT UNITS ONLY, come to our office between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday - WE ARE NOT OPEN ON THE WEEKENDS.

***Please note that Brokers or Non-Brokers borrowing keys from the front desk to view vacant apartments may take up to 3 sets of keys per $20.00 cash deposit and must leave a valid photo ID or an original RE broker’s license.**** Keys must be returned within (four hours during the business day) or the $20.00+ deposit will be forfeited, no exceptions.

For overnight/ over weekend key borrowing, if viewers do not want to leave your original photo ID/ broker's license, SKY will make a photocopy of the ID and keep a business card, but you must leave a double cash deposit.

Please be advised it is NEVER PERMITTED to ring building tenants for access outside of designated access times. Access may only be gained with a key obtained from our office, the building's superintendent during prescheduled times or during Open Houses accompanied by a Sky Management Agent.

  226 East 54 Street (Between Third & Second Avenues), Suite 402, NY, NY 10022 Tel: (212)759-1300 x35
Fax: (212)759-5229