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Steps to the Rental Process:

  1st step- Applying:

 1)      The most important step is to get your completed application to us ASAP.  All tenants, roommates and guarantors must fill out and sign a separate application and pay the $100.00 fee per applicant.  The applications must be brought directly to our office or sent via facsimile.  The application can be downloaded from our website, picked up at our office, or requested via fax.

 An $100 application fee per applicant must be delivered to our office before we process your applications. The fee must be paid in the form of certified check, money order or cash and is NON-REFUNDABLE.  This approval process can take approximately 15-30 minutes after all applications and fees are received.

2.) Please make sure to confirm the start date and expiration date of a new lease with a Leasing Agent upon application approval. For immediate move-ins, a lease must start within 1-7 days from the lease signing.


 2nd step- Signing a lease:

 1)      After you are approved, you should make an appointment to sign the lease ASAP. Due to the quick rental market, the only way to secure an apartment is to sign the lease and put down a minimum deposit of $500 for apartments that are less than $2,500.00 and a $1,000 deposit for apartments that are $2,500.00 or more. If you are quick to act, leases can usually be signed the same day that you apply.

 2)      We accept several applications on an apartment until a lease is signed.  Our policy is that the first person to sign the lease is the person who will get the apartment, regardless who had their applications in first. This is up to the sole discretion of the leasing agents.

 3)      At the lease signing we only accept "Good Money" such as certified check, bank check, postal check, money order and/ or cash (we accept a maximum of $1,000.00 in cash, no exceptions). For all other "Good Money" options, we will only accept maximum of (10) separate checks, no exceptions. After you become our tenant, personal checks are accepted as rent payment.

 4)      The standard security deposit requirement is usually a minimum of 2 months of rent. The amount required for the security deposit can vary and be more depending on your situation. Your security deposit amount will be discussed with you after your applications have been approved and prior to signing the lease.

 3rd step- Verification & Completion:

 1)   We must receive full money for the apartment within (2) business days of the lease signing.

 2)   Here is a full list of the required items that must be faxed or dropped off at our office with in (2) business days of signing
the lease.

 A)   A valid photo ID (driver's license, passport or other US Government issued ID). (Photocopies of IDs may not be faxed, please mail, FedEx or email)

 B)   A copy of the first two pages of last year's tax return or W2 form.

 C)   A copy of your last two pay stubs.

 D)   A copy of your last two bank statements.

 E)   A letter from your employer stating your salary, position and length of employment. (If you are seeking employment, you must provide an updated copy of your resume. If you are self-employed, you must provide a letter and a phone number from your CPA stating earnings and position. We require both verbal and written verifications of employment.)

 F)   If you are a student, or were a student last year, a copy of your school registration, dated student ID, or a bursar's receipt. (If you are currently a student or a recent graduate, tax return/W2 is not required).

 G)   If you are a homeower a copy of your real estate tax, school tax, water/sewer bill, copy of deed, or mortgage statement

 3)   We verify all the information on your application such as your employment and tenant history, so please make sure we have proper contact numbers at the lease signing or within ONE (1) day of the lease signing. We must receive all the required paper work, contact phone numbers (with adequate time to verify), and full funds before you are given keys to your new apartment.

 **If you need further assistance please call Lindsay (Director of Leasing) at 212-759-1300 x35 / (Assistant Leasing Manager) at 212-759-1300 x28 226 East 54 Street (Between Third & Second Avenues), Suite 402, NY, NY 10022 Tel: (212)759-1300 x35
Fax: (212)759-5229