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In Case You Were Wondering

Can I paint the walls of the apartment after I move-in?

Yes, we do allow Tenant(s) to paint the drywall only in their apartment. It is the Tenant(s) responsibility to paint the apartment back to white before the end of the lease term. Tenant(s) are not permitted to shellac, stain, texturize, or wall paper the dry wall, molding, trim-work, doors, closets, cabinetry, tile, or any flooring.

What should I do if I have a repair or my apartment needs maintenance?

Please call your Superintendent first and then your Management Contact (information and contact numbers are given at the lease signing, Superintendent info is posted in the lobby of your building). If you have lost your Helpful Hints Sheet call (212)759-1300 x35, give your full name and current address to the receptionist and you will be transferred to your designated Management Contact. If you have tenant portal access, you can fill out a maintenance request online.

Is it possible to change apartments within Sky Management once I become a tenant?

Yes, we are happy to keep you as a Tenant. All new and current Tenants and Guarantors will be required to fill out new applications and provide some updated paperwork for a re-approval process. In general, we do not recharge the application fee to existing Tenants and Guarantors. Inquire with the Leasing Agent about this policy for your situation. (212)759-1300 x35</> or

How do I sign up to view my balance and pay online?

The first step is to provide Sky Management with an e-mail address for each person who wishes to have access. Once we have an address we can e-mail you the invitation.

Is there a way to pay rent automatically?

The online tenant portal has an option to pay rent automatically on the same day each month using your debit/credit card or your checking account. You may pay a set amount automatically, which is the option best suited for roommates or shares. You may alternatively pay the full balance automatically where the amount drawn will adjust according to any charges or credits (i.e. prepaid rent, lease renewals, etc.). The second option is best for one person paying the entire rent each month. Please contact the accounting department with any questions regarding your automatic payment.

Are there any fees associated with paying online?

There is no fee to use the echeck option when paying online. The debit/credit option has a $37 fee with a $3000 limit per transaction. Each individual’s situation is different, where some like to accrue points on their credit card it is worth it to pay a fee each time. Most tenants that pay online use the free echeck option.

Who do I contact to order internet service?

Time Warner Cable services all of our Manhattan addresses and you can order online and receive a friend referral bonus from this link: Time Warner Specials.

How do I pay the rent each month?

After you move-in and become our Tenant, you can pay with personal checks. We do accept separate checks from each Tenant (please write your address and apartment number in the memo portion of your check). If one person fails to pay on time, there will be a 5% late fee charged on the entire outstanding balance. We also accept certified checks, bank checks, cashiers checks, postal checks and money orders as rent payments. If you need to pay using a wire transfer, please call the Accounting Department through the main office line. There are additional fees associated with paying by wire transfer and it usually takes a few days to clear. (NOTE: Wire transfers are not the same as direct payments). All rent received after the 5th of the month will be considered late and a late fee will automatically be charged to your account.

What if I want to add or change an appliance after move-in?

No dishwasher, washing machine, or clothing dryer is permitted to be installed without written permission from the Landlord or Landlord’s agent. Inquire with your Management Contact about how to start this process.

Can I elect to lessen my required amount of security deposit if my financial situation changes after my move-in?

No. Per your lease agreement, the security deposit amount that was required during the application process will remain the security deposit throughout your lease term including the renewal process and up to and until you vacate. We do not change the terms of the lease agreement.

What procedures should I follow for move-out to ensure that I receive my security deposit back?

For a full move-out guide, please contact your designated Assistant Property Manager of the building you reside in. After taking all appropriate deductions under the terms of the lease, the unused portion of the deposit will be refunded at the end of the lease term in accordance with your lease agreement’s rules, regulations, and guidelines. Please give your designated Management Contact your forwarding address and ask him or her any additional questions about this procedure.

Who is my management office contact for the property I live in?

If you live in the Upper East Side or Upper West Side between 80th and 93rd

You may contact Asst. Property Manager, Mike Petrigliano
tel: 212-759-1300 x23  or  Email

If you live in the Upper East Side between 51st and 77th

You may contact Asst. Property Manager, Daniel Cohen
tel: 212-759-1300 x16  or  Email

If you live below 42nd St. on the East Side or in Chelsea

You may contact Asst. Property Manager, Robin Barnett
tel: 212-759-1300 x14  or  Email

If you live below 42nd St. on the West Side or in Greenwich Village

You may contact Asst. Property Manager, David Moreira
tel: 212-759-1300 x34  or  Email